compiled by
Michael Moriarty


I was ungodly

I was a sinner

I was God's enemy

I was condemned

I was under death's penalty

I was cursed

I was dead in sin



I am crucified with Christ

I am buried with Christ

I am risen with Christ

I am alive with Christ

I am ascended with Christ

I am seated with Christ

I am joint-heir with Christ

I am indwelt by the Father

I am indwelt by the Son

I am indwelt by the Holy Spirit

I am beloved of God

I am a saint

I am dead to sin

I am under grace

I am eternal

I am free from condemnation

I am a son of God

I am foreknown

I am predestinated

I am called

I am justified

I am glorified

I am more than a conqueror

I am in fellowship

I am the temple of God

I am washed

I am sanctified

I am a member of His body

I am victorious

I am triumphant

I am a new creature

I am reconciled

I am an ambassador

I am the righteousness of God

I am rich

I am redeemed from the curse of the law

I am adopted

I am free

I am called unto liberty

I am blessed

I am chosen

I am holy

I am without blame

I am accepted

I am sealed

I am saved by grace

I am his workmanship

I am a fellowcitizen

I am delivered from the power of darkness

I am translated into the kingdom of his dear son

I am complete

I am circumcised without hands

I am forgiven all trespasses

I am elect

I am delivered from the wrath to come

I am not appointed to wrath

I am saved



I have eternal life

I have peace with God

I have now received the atonement

I have the mind of Christ

I have all spiritual blessings

I have obtained an inheritance

I have hope laid up in heaven

I have an holy calling


I shall be confirmed unto the end



He is my wisdom

He is my righteousness

He is my sanctification

He is my redemption

He is my victory

He is my peace

He is my hope

He is my completion

He is my life